WaterWorks 2 Free & Total Chlorine Test Kit

WaterWorks 2 Free & Total Chlorine Test Kit,MPN 480655
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  • Manufacturer: SenSafe / WaterWorks
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 480655
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Using the same chemistry as an EPA Approved, patented indicator that resists interference from monochloramines while accurately detecting free chlorine levels, the WaterWorks 2 test strip also possesses a separate test pad that accurately detects total chlorine levels at the same time.

  • Tests for Free and Total Chlorine at the Same Time (0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 1.0, 2.5, 5.0 ppm)

  • Kit Contains 30 Individually Foil-Packed Test Strips Making WaterWorks 2 Ideal for Field Work

  • Total Test Time of Approximately 30 Seconds

  • Uses Same Chemistry as the EPA Approved SenSafe Free Chlorine Water Check for Free Chlorine Testing

  • Requires No Meter or Electronic Device and Accurately Detects Free/Total Chlorine Levels as Low as 0.1 ppm

Having the power to test for free chlorine and test for total chlorine at the same time makes chlorine testing fast, easy and inexpensive while also making it possible for folks whose city water gets treated with chloramines to know how much or how little disinfectant their water supply contains.

Simply subtract the free chlorine concentration from the total chlorine concentration to determine the water sample's combined chlorine, or chloramine, concentration

Worried about potentially harmful test reagents that could spill, leak or get blown around by a gust of wind in the field?  The WaterWorks 2 Free & Total Chlorine Test Test Strip has all its reagents packed securely on its test pads... making it an ideal replacement for testing with DPD-1, DPD-3, or DPD-4, compounds typically purchased in liquid, tablet, reagentstrip, or powder form.

The Importance of Chlorine Testing

In many water systems, both public and private, the chlorine residual (level) does the hard work when it comes to keeping potentially harmful -- and definitely unwanted -- biological contaminants from breeding in the water supply.

Water treatment plant operators routinely test chlorine levels in the water they produce to make sure those levels remain in compliance with EPA, State and Local mandates... but do you know how many miles of piping tap water must pass through before it gets to your faucet?

Periodic testing of the chlorine levels in your drinking water will help ensure that your water contains the correct levels to keep you and your loved ones safe

Prefer to Stick With DPD?

If so, we offer DPD-1 test tablets, DPD-1 ReagentStrips, DPD-3 test tablets, DPD-3 ReagentStrips, and DPD-4 ReagentStrips for use with 10 mL sample sizes in our DPD Test Reagents section.

No matter which chlorine testing route you choose, you have already made the right choice by deciding to test your drinking water.

Remember:  It's Your Water, Your Health... and Ultimately Your LIFE!

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